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Hydraulic Bed Lift Mechanism suppliers

Hydraulic bed lift mechanism Supplier

Product Details :
1.Thick raw materials make bed lift up mechanism  stronger.
2.The setting of the structure saves material and the price is favorable.
3.The long hole setting of the fixed bed plate is easier to install.

Product Application:
1.the bed lift up mechanism can be applied to bed, sofa bed and others.
2.If you have other applications,we can provide you with more accurate
samples according to your requirements for inspection.

Our Company:
Hebei Danaier Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional furniture hardware
manufacturer, mainly produce bed gas mechanism,bed gas lift and bed gas

Danaier brand products with high quality,good after-sale service to win the
majority of  dealers' recognition. Danaier brand products not only sell well
all over our country, also exported to USA, Germany, France , New Zealand,Australia and southeast Asia.
Relying  on strong  product  research  and development  ability, production
capacity, the company's products are increasing,and gradually become one of the most professional furniture hardware manufacturer.


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