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Gas Spring

  • Gas lift Spring
  • Gas lift Spring
  • Gas lift Spring
Gas lift Spring Gas lift Spring Gas lift Spring

Gas lift Spring

  • Brand : Danaier
  • Place of Origin: Hebei
  • Port: Tianjin
  • Supply Ability: 8000 Pcs/Day
  • Product description: High quality Gas Lift Spring for Furniture.

Gas Lift Spring 

Gas Lift Spring 

Technical Requirements:
1.Our gas spring according to the standard of Q/320412;QTH001-2004;JB/T8064.1-96; QC/T207-1996 or produce by customers' requirements.
2.Cylinder coating black acrylic acid paint, smooth coating, no grinning, no aberration.
3.Piston plate nickel phosphorus alloy, hard chromium or nitric oxide, working part is bright and clean, no knock against/scratch/peel/pinhole defect.

4.The gas spring have no block and abnormal sound during working.

Compressed Gas Spring's characteristics:

·  The main function is to support. There are only two positions for compressing and stretch respectively,    so it can not stop automatically during the running. 
·  Easy to install and use, and it is featured with low noise and energy. 
·  The full stroke is smooth.

OEM Car Parts Front Hood Gas Spring Shock Absorb with Bracket for Auto
d: piston rod diameter(mm)       S: stroke(mm)         D: tube diameter(mm)
L: extended length (connector center to another connector center)

 Production Flow:
1. Tube Cutting   2.Weld   3. Internal Parts Assemble    4. Oiling   5. Air Inflation   6. Pain            
7. Finished Gas Spring Assemble and Inspect  


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